Inspired by vision.
Crafted by hand.

With Woodi you acquire a modern piece of Austrian craft, because every individual wooden board is 100 % handmade in the Styrian Vulkanland (Volcanic region). Based on the design of Peter Troißinger, Groß carpentry crafts unique wooden boards from Austrian wood combined with an imporous mineral composite. Under the use of food safe wood glue and wood oil single pieces combining tradition and modernity, function and design are created.

A single piece made of two parts

Woodi consists of a wooden frame with a natural oil finish, that gives each board its characteristic and individual design, and the patent-registered custom-fit removable inlay system.

The ideal frame for your masterpieces

1. The wooden frame

The professional kitchen might be ruled by technology, the basis for several utensils used by us day-to-day, however, comes from nature. Wood is not only the most universal but also most natural raw material to be found.

For Woodi we only use carefully selected Austrian wood like Styrian walnut, oak, maple and black walnut from 60 to 120 years old trees. The wood is cut according to moon phases, dried and stored thoroughly before our master carpenters use modern CNC technology along with their passion for detail to make it into individual wooden boards.

As a natural product solid wood shows particular characteristics and differences in colour and structure. Knots, irregularities, small branches and hairline cracks can vary depending on the growing conditions of the tree. Thus, every board is unique by nature.

Aesthetic like porcelain, but considerably more durable

2. The inlay

Our inlays made from imporous food safe surface material are not only particularly hygienic and easy to clean but also very durable.

Durable: The inlay made from natural minerals and acrylic polymer is insensitive to
scratches and under normal use resistant to breaking, exfoliation and abrasion.

Practical: The single inlays fit in every identically constructed wooden board and can be interchanged flexibly. The inlay withstands temperatures between minus 20° Celsius and plus 80° Celsius and due to its good thermal properties keeps your dishes warm or cool for a long time.

Safe: The inlay is nontoxic, chemically stable and hypo-allergenic. It complies with the FDA regulation 177.1010 and the German Food Law. It is declared food safe and suitable as a food contact surface in both private and public application. The inlay is approved for the food sector and gastronomy. All colours are classified into Class 1 (ASTM E-84) as flame retardant.