About us

Two masters of their trade.
One of a kind product design.

Peter Troißinger has started his professional career as a chef at Fink restaurant in Riegersburg and has cooked his way to Obauer in Werfen, Steirereck in Vienna and Hotel Massenet in Shanghai. At the age of 23 he could call himself youngest chef of Styria and was awarded Global-Master-Chef.

“Woodi brings a piece of nature into the kitchen.” Peter Troißinger

From working in the field Peter knows the problem of breakage and what it takes in order to work efficiently in the kitchen. He’s also familiar with the constant lack of time and space. Peter remains sceptical when it comes to banishing wood from professional kitchens as happening more and more today. This awareness has evolved into the idea of combining a practical and at the same time shapely wooden board with a durable inlay – Woodi.

From elaborate design to award-winning product

For the execution of his design Peter has found the ideal partner in carpenter Erich Groß. Using modern technology in his carpentry in Weinberg, Fehring, Erich crafts individual wooden boards from the Styrian Vulkanland’s (Volcanic region) regional wood.

Now they manufacture individual wooden boards tailored to the needs of particular partners upon request.

In 2012 Woodi has been awarded the innovation prize of the Styrian Vulkanland in the category “craft and energy”.