Use instructions

Inspired by high-level gastronomy.
Designed for high-level gastronomy.

Breakage. Shortage of space. High maintenance requirements. Inspired by the challenges of high-level gastronomy, Master chef Peter Troißinger has created a wooden board that meets the high aesthetic and functional demands of haute cuisine.

Give creative cuisine the stage it deserves

Sushi, canapés, dips and spreads, from cold or warm appetisers to entrées, petit fours and pastries to cakes, tartes and even cheese – with Woodi you set a spotlight on any creation you’d like serve your guests.

Save time and space with the inlay

Use the space-saving inlay to prepare your dishes before placing them in the wooden frame once they’re completed.

If you use one or more extra inlays, you can already prepare the next course in the kitchen. This way you don’t only spare yourself the washing up but also save about 15 minutes with every extra inlay in use.

Recommendations for cleaning and storage:


  • Always clean the wooden part of your Woodi by hand. Do not use the dishwasher for cleaning!
  • Do not leave the board lying in the dishwater, otherwise the wood could come apart at the seams and residues of the rinsing agent might
  • stay inside.
  • Wipe the board from both sides with a moistened towel and leave it standing upright exposed to air until dry before storing it in the cupboard.
  • Always store wooden boards in a dry, well-ventilated place.
  • The disinfecting abilities of the wooden frame have been tested and confirmed by the Austrian Hygiene Certificate.
  • Wood is a living material and even though our wooden frames and inlays are custom-made, the gap in between can vary according to air humidity between 1-4 mm. This is not a reason for complaint.
  • Re-oling makes your Woodi as good as new:
    If the board’s surface shows any stains, reapply some oil. Make sure to use food safe wood oil or so-called drying or semi-drying (edible) oils like linseed oil, poppy seed oil or walnut oil. These kinds of oils harden when exposed to air and therefore don’t turn rancid. Apply the oil gently with a soft cloth. Afterwards your board will look as good as new again.


  • Woodi’s inlays are dishwasher-proof.
  • Consistently smooth the inlay is easy to clean and doesn’t leave any contact surface for dirt, mould or germs. In terms of cleaning no special treatment is required, conventional household detergents are perfectly suitable.
  • Do not use steel or wire brushes for cleaning.
  • Clean and store the inlays and other Woodi products made from the same material separately.
  • Avoid, under any circumstances, to clean or store black cookware or other metal utensils in the same place with the inlays.
  • Small blemishes and discolourings can easily be removed by yourself using scouring agents.
  • Under normal use the inlay is resistant to breaking, exfoliation and abrasion. No replacement for broken edges.
  • In case of an inlay being stuck or unfitting, please contact us immediately.
  • Our guarantee comprises the functionality of the removable inlay for the first 12 months.

In the heat of the kitchen:

  • The inlay withstands temperatures between minus 20° Celsius and plus 80° Celsius. Do not expose it to temperatures higher than plus 80° Celsius and use a heat resistant mat under hot kitchenware.
  • Caution! It is not suitable for microwave heating. Do not put the inlay in the oven or under the Salamander oven.
  • For any questions and further information our service center is at your disposal under