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Serving plate VesperFreeform

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Product Description

The exclusive serving plate VesperFreeform is available in oak and black walnut wood. It includes a handcrafted dishwasher-proof inlay. The handy removable inlay saves you space in the kitchen when you’re arranging the dishes. You can arrange a dish on the plate first and place it in the wooden frame afterwards. Due to the durable, food safe inlay you can forget about breakage and your acquisition is profitable from the second year on.

Technical details Woodi

Type: Wooden board
Material: Wood and food safe wood oil
Measurements: Length ca. 43 cm, width 20-25 cm, height ca. 2,4 cm
Weight: ca. 1100 g (weight strongly fluctuant depending on type of wood, length, width as well as the individual cut)
Type of wood: Oak and black walnut
Surface: Smooth
Cleaning and Maintenance: Do not use the dishwasher for cleaning the wooden frame. Wipe the board from both sides with a moistened towel, regularly apply wood oil (ca. every 6 months).

Woodi Inlay white

Type: Wooden board inlay
Material: Composite of natural minerals and acrylic polymer, without any visible pores, resistant to breaking, exfoliation and abrasion under normal use, food safe
Measurements: Length ca. 35 cm, width ca. 14 cm, height ca. 6 mm
Weight: ca. 530 g
Thermal resistance: withstands temperatures between -20°C and +80°C
Cleaning: Dishwasher-proof

Additional Information

Dimensions 37 x 16 cm